30 Days to Glowing

I’ve just completed a 30-day internal cleanse. While a month may sound like a long time, I fasted (on vegetable juices) for five days and the remainder followed a clean, mostly high-raw diet and took a regimen of herbal tinctures (Blessed Herbs) before each meal. Cleansing is a way to boost healing when systems are taxed and beginning to show signs of stress. It is a challenging topic to discuss, as it is somewhat controversial and even makes people uncomfortable talking about it. I get it. If you’re not familiar with the concept of cleansing or how it works, it can seem foreign.

Last May, I moderated a panel “Innovations in Spa” at the Global Spa Summit in Bali and the topic of cleansing came up. On one side, we had Ayurvedic doctors (and many other health professionals) advocating cleansing, and on the other side, doctors who disagreed. All agreed however, that we live in a polluted world where most people eat some form of unhealthy or synthetic foods, and that body is not able to fully expel all of the toxins it takes in. This can lead to inflammation in the body and premature aging. The discussion was heated and motivated me to research and decide for myself.

Fasting has been part of nearly every religion for thousands of years. For a good insight, Dr. Alejandro Junger has written a New York Times bestseller book CLEAN. Dr. Junger is board certified in internal medicine and cardiology, and has studied Eastern medicine in India. His Clean program is designed to be easily incorporated into any busy schedule while providing all of the practical tools necessary to detoxify, support and rejuvenate the body. Included are several incredible recipes.

I did my first cleanse about a year ago – a simple, five-day liver program – and I saw incredible results. My skin looked amazing. I felt great, and the true-beauty is that cleansing can come in many forms. For some, it may start with eliminating sugar, caffeine, alcohol, white flour and dairy for a couple of weeks. Drinking 6-8 glasses of pure spring water each day and substituting, at least one meal, with a vegetable juice or green smoothie. For others, it might mean a guided cleanse of maybe five days of juice fasting. Remember to take a toxin absorber like chlorella. Once your body starts to release toxins, most experts agree that you need to bind those toxins to carry them out of your system; otherwise they can get reabsorbed into your body. The finale of cleansing – the more controversial part – is to add three colonics during your fast to help aid the release of the toxins and unwanted guests (I’ll let you research that one on your own. But more than 50% of the population has them).

I&#8217ve heard many incredible first-hand stories of restored health through cleansing, how people look and feel more vibrant, and how it motivates people to make small improvements in their daily diet. The key is to keep it balanced and do it responsibly. One cleanse a year is a great commitment. So, how do I feel after my cleanse? My skin is glowing, I have an amazing amount of energy and an incredible sense of peace and happiness.

I feel clean…

With love,

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