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The eyes are said to be the windows to our soul. They reveal our joys, sorrows, accomplishments and disappointments. They are (in my opinion) our most beautiful and soulful natural asset.

But the dry, fine lines and puffiness surrounding them? I prefer to do without ‘laugh lines’ (as I call them – from all the smiling we do in life). Fortunately, for the most part, we can all make that choice because bright, hydrated, luminous eyes are possible. No matter what our age.

The reason wrinkling occurs around the periocular area is simple really. The skin surrounding (and especially under) our eyes is the thinnest and most delicate part of our face and has very few oil glands.

For me, living the beach life in California always makes me think twice about my eyes – from wearing sunglasses to keeping my body and face, and especially eye area, hydrated. And as I often do – I researched the best methods to help me. Interestingly, my answer came from the sea – via Chitosan a pure-marine fiber.

Chitosan is now the prime ingredient in our new Correcting Eye Rescue treatment, an under-the-eye pad to treat dark circles, puffiness and yes, fine lines. The Chitosan we use comes from a very specific species of shrimp shells – Pandalus Borealis – found only along the pristine coast of Norway. It is extracted from the shrimp shells (which would normally be discarded) through a sophisticated process that removes the protein (the cause of most shellfish allergies) reducing the probability of any allergic reaction.

The benefits of Chitosan are great. Similar to collagen, Chitosan has been proven to quench the skin’s thirst, improving softness by 20%, smoothness by 114% and to decrease wrinkles up to 35%. Treatment is easy, and can be done anywhere – at home, on an airplane. Here’s all you have to do:

  • Gently hold an eye pad in the palm of your hand and spray with hydrating Neroli Water (orange blossom) until the pad is completely saturated.
  • Lift the eye pad to your under-eye and place close to the lower lash line. Smooth any air bubbles gently with fingertip.
  • Repeat process for the other eye and leave pads on for 15 minutes, making sure the pads remain moist.

Note: Please avoid using tap water.

Follow with our Correcting Brightening Eye Crème.

When applying eye crème, gently tap it on, starting from the outer edge of the under eye area and working your way to the inner edge. The results are fantastic. Great for special events or when you need an immediate pick me up!

Here are a few more tips for keeping the skin around the eyes healthy:

  1. Drink plenty of pure spring water.
  2. Feel joy. It shows and it’s contagious.
  3. Avoid unnecessary tugging and pulling on the delicate tissue.
  4. Wear sunglasses to protect the eyes from squinting but remember opening our eyes to full spectrum light is essential to nourish our light being and aids our overall wellness. Balance is the key.
  5. Use gentle cotton pads when removing eye makeup.
  6. Avoid prolonged sun exposure which results in age spots, uneven pigmentation and unnecessary premature aging.

With love,

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